Thursday, 8 November 2018

Teeny Quilt


Its ages since I have done a blog, blame Burt the collie at 16mths old he has loads of energy so lots of walks.  I have gone down one size in trousers!  Who needs a gym membership when you have a Burt!

The downside of all this extra exercise is that I don't have as much spare time to sew and as the weather has been really good recently no unexpected days off work when it rains.

I bought this little mouse for my great niece Violet who loves ballet.

Thought that she might like a surprise so I put it in a pretty box.

Seemed a bit mean to just leave it in the box so I made a comfy bed for it complete with mini patchwork quilt, the pink is Liberty Lawn.



  1. I love it! What a lovely present. My son-in-law has an aunt who makes the most gorgeous knitted toys and can imagine one of them in a box like this. You're giving me ideas....

  2. Thanks Lizzie, Violet absolutely loved it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, there was a lovely clown mouse as well but as Violet does ballet, this one squeaked "buy me"


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