Sunday, 26 August 2018

Greist Decorative Zigzagger Attachment


I found this interesting attachment on Ebay, it was under £10.

 It came in its original box which is a bit tatty but functional.

The instruction booklet was in good condition but bent in the middle, I had a fix for this problem.

A fairly hot iron made it flat again so that it will stay open.  If you want to tidy up any of your vintage manuals, this works a treat, its surprising how even the tattiest manual brushes up.  If you are wondering what made me think of ironing paper, I used to work in a posh hotel, we ironed the daily papers to put in special canes so that they could be hung up for the residents to read.

I like the Greist manuals, the later ones has tabs with headings.  This is date 1953.

It does a really excellent zig zag which is adjustable in width.

The decorative zig zags are changed by using little disks

They go under the press stud on the side.

It just pops off, no disks makes it do its zig zag stitch.

Unfortunately, this one only had 3 of these disks and it's missing the blind hem stitch which is a shame.

Depending on the number of the disk, ie 3 and 3 means, 3 tiny straight stitches then a zig, 3 more tiny straight stitches and then the zag.

Unlike the Singer Swiss Zigzagger, this one does not require you to either drop the feed dogs or cover them up to disengage them.

So if you are looking for a reasonable priced attachment for your straight stitch vintage machine, this is a great buy.

All I need now is the missing disks but I think they might be tricky to find.


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