Saturday, 8 December 2012

Singer Featherweight Working Hard


Well over the last week, my Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine has been hard at work, might have to give it a defluff and oil soon.

Here a couple of  Xmas pressies that I can show you

A hand quilted cushion made with vintage Laura Ashley fabric, this pattern is ideal for hand quilting as the outline of 4 shells make up a perfect diamond pattern.  I used vintage Sylko cotton in the same shade of crimson as the dots in the fabric, its not as bouncy as the modern quilting thread so doesn't knot up as much.  Sylko cottons are no longer available which is a shame as my Singer sews much better with 100% cotton preferably on a wooden reel.  The machine has its little quirks but I overlook such things cos its sooooo pretty and shiny.

 I have had a commission to make a "Gardening Pinny" for someone, these short pinnies that don't get in the way when gardening even when kneeing, they are ideal for keeping garden pruners and garden wire in, I use one all the time when I am working, everything is at hand and I don't leave my tools in my customers gardens now!  The   fabric is vintage Laura Ashley with denim  for strength.

And last but not least, cos I had time, I made a couple of lovely pincushions with pockets in the side.  These are going on Ebay to test the market! They are made from good quality 100% cotton quilting fabric and are part filled with dried split lentils to give them weight so they don't topple over when storing sewing bits and pieces in the side pockets.  The first one I made was stuffed with just polyester stuffing and it won't stay upright when there was stuff in the pockets- Doh!



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