Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Odds and Ends


Well the weather has put paid to any work - can't garden when the ground is snowy or frozen.  Minus 8 this morning when I out early with the dog at sunrise, gosh it was cold.

This blog is about odds and ends

Had another go at crazy patchwork using some lovely fabric bought from the great quilting shop in Wallingford, they were selling bags of scraps so I got one, it was full of lovely autumn colour fabrics so made a heart filled with lavender from my garden.  Instead of embroidering the seams by hand, I cheated, got my discarded (since buying my Singer Featherweight) Toyota sewing machine out and used that as it has decorative stitches.

I have been having a clear out of my craft cupboard.  Thought that I would put some of the vintage lace that I have on Ebay.  As I like to craft while watching the telly I have made some pretty card display cards to hold it topped off with vintage buttons from the button box, I am pleased with the effect not sure if I really want to part with them now, they looks so pretty in my sewing basket.

Had a tidy up of my quilting fabrics, originally I had put all my solid coloured fabrics in a display case but I was finding that when I needed a particular colour it was very hard to find the right one without hauling all the fabrics off the shelves so I came up with this solution, plus the cupboard was getting very full.

 The trays are desk trays which I had picked up cheaply a while ago, they work really well, I just take the trays out into the natural light and match the colours.

I also changed the way I folded my main stash of fabrics so that they are easier to get to as well.

The victorian display cupboard is one of my auction bargains - I bought it from a local auction by leaving an bid on it, I was really lucky as I hadn't actually seen it, just a photo and description which was very vague and didn't have any measurements so it could have been huge.   It was a relief when I collected it, it was in good condition, freshly painted and not too big, ideal for displaying my pretty fabrics.  Did I tell you that I love auctions especially when I get a bargain.


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