Thursday, 31 January 2013

Summer Quilts


Well the weather has been rubbish recently which has meant lots of days off so I set myself a challenge to make a complicated quilt (well for me it is).  Checked out U Tube for a suitable pattern and found this one  It's another Missouri Quilt Company video - I love this company, their demos are really good and easy to follow.  They call this quilt the Serendipity Quilt and it has the advantage that you end up with 2 different quilt tops.  I was going to try and explain how this works but its easier for you to watch their demo.

I bought some lovely rose printed fabric fat quarters at the Harrogate Flower show and I couldn't decide what to do with it so there it sat for 9 long months, I found a matching ditsy print fat quarters to match so out came the rotary cutter.

Because I only had a certain amount of fabric it limited to what size quilt I could make (there is a lesson in this - impulse buying of fabric) but I wanted to have a go at a quilt block that would make me think.  I made up all the blocks I could and it made a small narrow quilt - my intention was to have small  square quilt to snuggle under when hibernating waiting for Spring to arrive!  I couldn't arrange the blocks into a square as I didn't have enough blocks.

But all was not lost, I remembered that I was going to make a quilt to fit my garden bench, I started a hexy quilt (when I first got my Singer Featherweight) last year with Laura Ashley vintage hexys that my sister gave me, got totally carried away bought more fabric and ended up with a huge quilt!  Which is still waiting to be hand quilted (got side tracked).  So measured my narrow quilt top and hey presto, just the right size for the garden bench - relief!  So a garden bench seat quilt it will be.

The second set of blocks that is a by product from this quilt pattern were pieced together to make my required snuggle quilt, if you look closely, you can see that they are pinwheels with another smaller pinwheel in the middle - how clever is that (the pattern that is not me!)

I have loved doing these quilts, the fabric makes me think of the summer to come (hopefully) and brightened up my winter blues.

All I have to do now is the hand quilting and put the bindings on - I will let you have a look when they are finished.


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