Saturday, 9 March 2013

Auction Treasure - Vintage Haberdashery


After winning an auction on EBay, a basket of vintage bobbins of thread and sewing accessories, my parcel arrived.

A rather dusty large sewing basket in good condition apart from the hinges.  Filled with equally dusty wooden cotton reels in a selection of colours (over 20), they cleaned up OK with a soft brush or removal of top layer of thread.

Digging deeper into the basket revealed vintage haberdashery items, press studs from the WWII, bias binding, cards of buttons, a few empty or part filled packets of needles.  Something I have never seen before, ladderstop, it looks like a book of matches but apparently when a ladder in stockings start, you get one of these "matchsticks" damp the end and rub it on the ladder to stop it running. To go with it, three cards of darning threads for stockings.   Not sure what on earth I am going to do with these, stockings and gardening don't mix!

Finally, the treasure in the bottom - I love any vintage Singer Sewing items, to go with my Singer Featherweight.  Here it is a Singer Needle Threader in original packaging with the instructions, doesn't it look at home resting on the Featherweight?  I tried it out and it works a treat so when I am in my dotage and my eyesight goes, I will still be able to use my Featherweight.  Checked the prices of these on Ebay and they were more than I paid for the whole basket.  So chuffed to bits

The basket is too good to throw out so I will clean it up and line it with lovely fabric.  I will show you the result soon.


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