Saturday, 19 April 2014

Singer Sewing Machine 201K Case Refurbishment


Still on with the Singer 201 restoration.  Got the motor and light, just waiting for them to be fitted.  So got on with tidying up the Case.

Singer 201K - has rather a large case, its not solid oak like the Featherweight. It's covered in fake crocodile skin, which is a woven fabric with the fake pattern on the outside.  The case was looking tired so I stuck down all the peeling edges, polished it with a wax polish but it still looked a bit dull and it had a white mark on the top which wouldn't come out, initially, I thought it was mould but now I am not sure, more likely a water mark.  So I reckoned that I couldn't make it any worse so polished it with Briwax, the dark one.  which made a huge different but the white mark still showed through.  Then I had a lightbulb moment and dug out a furniture touch up pen I have had in a drawer for the last 15 years, thank goodness I didn't chuck it out.  I simply coloured in the white marks.

Here is the before

Tad daaaaa

One of the locks was stuck in the lock position so the case wouldn't close properly and of course, no keys with it but the tiny key that came with my featherweight case opened the lock, yipeee.

Well off to enjoy the sunshine while I can


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