Sunday, 4 May 2014

Singer 127 and 128 Sewing Machines - Oooops


Note - I had to change this blog as I got the model number wrong, DOH.  They are 127 and 128 not 27/28.

I've done it again, bought two, yes two old singers.  Must be bonkers, need more sewing machines not!  Went to the pub on Friday had a couple of wines, got talking to someone from down the village who is into motorbikes, somehow got talking about sewing machines and it turns out he had a couple of Singers he wanted shot off so on Sat morning went to look!  Fatal.  To make matters worse they were handcranks with bullet vibrating shuttles so not something I needed at all.  But never having touched a vibrating shuttle machine before (gosh that sounds so wrong when I type it) I gave him a small amount of money and came home with them.  So instead of gardening at home, I started to clean them up.

Didn't have a clue which models I had or how to use them.  Started by looking up the date numbers, one was 1917 and the other was 1931.  Took me a while to find out what the models were.  Turns out they are 127 and 128, one is larger than the other.  The smaller one has the bigger number, which I find confusing, Singer for some unknown reason, made smaller versions of a machine then gave it a higher number, like the 66 and 99's, (99 being 3/4 of the size of the 66).  While I am on the confusion topic, the shuttle doesn't vibrate (or oscillate) at all, its carrier is on pivot and it swings from side to side.

This one is the 127, the larger of the two and looks the youngest but it turns out its the oldest, it was made in 1917.  Unfortunately it came without it's lid.

This one is the 128 which is 3/4 smaller, its got more ornate decals and is much prettier.  Its got its original bent wood case but the lock is stuck open so will have have to source a key for it.  There is a full set of Singer feet with it which all need a wash and brush up.

Cleaned and oiled the 127 first as that needed the least work, the mechanical bits are in super condition as it had been well oiled by a previous owner so hadn't rusted despite spending many years in a garage.

Here it is finished.  Its going on Ebay this afternoon for the price it cost me and hopefully, someone will buy it and love it.

Really must do the garden today but the 128 keeps asking for a clean and oil!  She is feeling left out!

Update - just found out why the 127 looks later than the 128, it has been refurbished sometime between 1935 and 1953.  Apparently, you could part exchange your sewing machine out of your treadle for an new electric one, then the Singer dealer would refurbish the old machine with new japanning, new paper clip decals, new plain faceplate and remove the old gold singer badge to replace it with a silver Singer badge. They would then put them in a none Singer base with a wooden cover over the accessory storage compartment.   It's been bugging me as to why it was so plainly decorated so had a hunt on the net to find out.

The difference between these machines and the earlier 27 and 28 is the bobbin winder which is near the wheel on the 127/128s, also they have a little ejector button to push out the shuttle of its carrier.

Sharon the mad.

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