Wednesday, 22 October 2014

More Vintage Furniture and a Button Jar


We have been clearing my late father's house which is quite a task.  All the things that your parents treasured and had for years, what do you do with them?  My sister and I both have our own houses, full of our stuff so finding room for more was difficult.

Strange its the smaller "finds" that give me the most pleasure, like this little jam jar!  Why don't they make jam jars like this anymore, it was missing its lid so I sprayed painted a modern one.  Its a Roses & Co Ltd jar which had lime marmalade in if I remember correctly. Perfect for a button jar.

Another thing to be rescued is this oak shoe rack, this is the shoe rack that I head butted after tripping up a step when sleepwalking as a child, I still have the scar!  Again, it needed restoring so it was cleaned with white spirit, then lightly rubbed over with oak stain to even out the colour, then polished with beeswax (forgot to wear gloves so ended up with oak fingernails). As usual in my excitment to get started, forgot the before photo.  It had a curtain over the front of it to hide the shoes so a fabric shopping trip was called for.

So, life is a bit hectic at the moment, the autumn leaves are keeping me busy at work, the gardens need a lot of tidying at this time of the year "putting them to bed". I am still horse riding twice a week which takes up what spare time I had.

On top of this, trying to get my parents house ready for sale, the painter is in this week, its the first time ever that I have employed a painter and decorator but the house hadn't been decorated for many many years and was in a state cosmetically.  I just couldn't face doing the whole house top to bottom, the painter will do it a lot quicker.

So forgive me for not blogging more but as soon as winter sets in, my quilting will take front of stage.  Have a quilt to make as a wedding present and another baby quilt so can't wait to start them.



  1. I love button collections (and your blog name!) and I also find it's often the small things which hold the most memories. Thinking of you whilst you undertake this bitter sweet task xx

  2. Thank you for your kind words Josie, we done the hard bit sorting the contents. The painter is doing a fab job and he is soooo speedy. The house is going to look fab.