Friday, 24 October 2014

American 1950's Swing Coat Glamour - Borre by Fairmoor


How about this for a glam outfit.  Found it when clearing out my late parents house.

The jacket is faux Astrakhan (Persian lamb) but the collar is real mink.  The fabric feels lovely bet its really warm.

It looks like a designer jacket as it is so well made, just look at the covered buttons.

So I trawled the internet and found that Fairmoor was an American Coat and Suit Corporation in New York and "BORRE" would have been on of their registered Trade Marks.  They made high end faux and real fur coats in 50's and 60's   Judging by the swing style of this jacket its from the 50's.  The arms are very short on it but it dawned on my that in the 50's ladies wore elegant long gloves.

This is an advert from 1969 for later style coats, the prices seem high $110 to $220 which seems a lot for then.
Newspaper advert

Found another reference to the company in the New York Times Newspaper 1964, which explains how the technique of making this fake fur developed.

New York Times Article 1964

Sadly, far too big for me, there is no size in but a trying on session by my friends, fits 14 or 16, too tight on 18.

Goodness knows where my mother got it from, she didn't travel at all, it might have been my granny's but we will never know now.  Its hardly been worn at all.

Thought that I would share it with you before I tried to find a lovely home for it.


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