Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Singer 201 Sewing Machine Table Makeover


A little while ago, I was a lucky girl and got a Singer 201 in a table on Freecycle.  The table was looking very secondhand and unloved.

It had been damaged by water which had taken off the dark varnish. The wood is thick oak veneer so I reckoned that it would be OK to sand it down.  Then I used Danish Oil to feed and protect the wood.  Really like the light finish on it.  The machine still needs fixing, got a new tension assembly but haven't had time to put it on yet but I have cleaned and oiled the rest of the machine.

She has been moved into the Summerhouse for a while until I decide where she is going to go.  Just noticed in the photo, I have another unwanted guest.  Look at the size of that cobweb!!!!


  1. It looks so different, you've done another fab job x

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