Monday, 1 June 2015

Patchwork Tilda Fabric Tins


Had a bit of a crafty afternoon on Sunday, couldn't bring myself to do my garden!

This old toffee tin in the summer house was looking scruffy so thought I could make it look prettier.

One of the ladies at the Sewing Circle gave me a bag of tiny scraps of lovely Tilda fabric, thinking that I might find a use for them.  Ummm, took me a while to come up with an idea.

Got out my vintage pinking shears and cut small shapes out, there was a good selection of fabrics.  Covered the tin with a patchwork of yummy fabric using book binding glue.  This is a PVA glue but it seems to be stickier than normal PVA, ideal for this.  I used a small brush, had the pot of glue open and little dish of water, kept dipping the brush in the water then into the glue, this made it easier to spread the glue on the tin and fabric.  On the edges of the tin just used the glue without watering it down so it stuck better.

Then I up-cycled a treacle tin as well.  Finished them both off with vintage lace edging and some narrow pink ribbon on the toffee tin.

Will do the other two tins another time.  Its a great way of using up the tiniest scraps.



  1. What a super upcycle, they look great!

  2. Thanks Josie, got loads of ideas in the pipeline, just need some spare time. x