Sunday, 7 June 2015

Vintage Dress Shopping and an Art Exhibition


Gosh, yesterday was an eventful day.

Arranged to go to the Richmond Station ( to see an Art Exhibition featuring the lovely Fi at  Wanted to see her gorgeous felty pictures and the Station cafe has great coffee.  Met my friend Julie there but we were both late.  I had to turn back and go a different route as some poor souls had crashed into each other and the road was blocked.  Julie was delayed due to road works and then police chasing van drivers, apparently a van was pulled over by the police and then occupants legged it!  When we finally got to Richmond, there were Emergency vehicles all over the place and the market square was shut off, there had been a big fire early morning and 5 shops had burnt.  Don't think anyone was hurt thank goodness. See life in North Yorkshire isn't quite the quiet as you thought!

So we were both ready for a sit down with a large piece of cake and coffee.

There is a interesting vintage shop (Lost and Found) at the Station so had a bit of spend.

A great vintage summer dress (if summer ever arrives), might have to take it in a bit under the arms.  Super colours, sweet little buttons on the back.  Not sure how old it is, the fabric is very swishy and the skirt is lined.

Also bought this vintage looking new tray.  You can never have too much storage.  It will make a great projects holder,  its  "holding"  the start of my next quilt made from scrap strips of fabric.  I save all my off-cuts from my sewing, the box I keep them in was full to overflowing so I had to either discard (horror of horrors) or find a way to use them up.

Fi's pictures were lovely, so much detail and glorious colours.  Got a couple of her yummy cards, one with a hansom chap on it and one with the sweetest mouse.  The hare card is by her friend, Sue  her pastel paintings are outstanding. They were sharing the exhibition space.

The staff at the Station were very kind and helpful, well worth a visit if you are anywhere near.


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