Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Batty Tale


This is a bit of sad tale.

Buzz, my collie, likes to find creatures, he looks at them and then at me so that I can tell him he is good boy.  He never harms them if they are alive, just looks.  He has found baby ducks running around the garden, hedgehogs, his favourite are toads of various sizes, he hears them peeping away.  He once found a ferret with its head stuck in the fence and came to tell me so that I could save it.  He shows me bees that have dropped down on the ground so that I can pick them up and put  them on a flower head.

This is his most unusable find, it was on the path.  Poor thing was dead, a bit soggy so I think that a cat might have got it.  It was probably hunting the moths on my flowers outside the front door and a cat could have caught it in mid flight.   No self respecting owl would catch a bat and not eat it.

Didn't know that we had long eared bats, I can see the bats flying about but they are too fast to see the details.

If you are wondering how I got the photo, held it by the tips of its wings while my sister snapped away.  Never been this close to any bat, the wings are amazing so fine.  It was an incredible but very sad find.

Gave it a suitable burial in the garden.  RIP

Take care


PS - he found a live hedgehog in my customers garden this morning, he smelt it as soon as he went into the garden, it was tucked up in a mound of leaves.  He is so gentle, spent ages looking at the leaves to see if it would move but didn't touch it once.


  1. Aww poor little thing, and Buzz sounds like such a darling :)

  2. He is now, wasn't quite so good when I got him. He once tree'd a cat! Naughty boy so quite a bit of training needed. x


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