Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wonderful Workshop - Textile Illustration Mark II


Went to another one of Sarah's Drawn Threads Workshops the other Saturday with my sister.  It was great to dedicate a whole day to sewing.  We both took our Singer Featherweights.

I decided to make a garden picture so had a look through my many gardening books for ideas.  My starting point was some fabric that looked like York paving and a lovely rose print.

Got the inspiration from this photo

Ended up with this.

It looks better from a distance but below is a close up so that you can see how I did it.  The clouds are made of pure un-spun wool scrounged from Becky the Weaver, tucked under a fine fabric. Thanks Becky.

My sister did an cute owl but he is still under construction.

We had a lovely day with Sarah, she made us very welcome.



  1. Thank you Tilly, this textile illustration is a whole new world to me, really enjoyed it. x