Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Singer Imitation Hemstitching Attachment No. 120687


Been having a play with my new Singer Attachment on the 201 today instead of gardening (pouring rain and gales have grounded me!).

I have quite a collection of Singer attachments and accessories, its getting a bit of compulsion looking on Ebay!  Ooops

Got this curious looking thing

Luckily, it had its instructions with it.  Would never have worked out how to use it without them.

Fits on side ways which looks odd. Put one piece of fabric underneath and the top fabric over the front bit and under the back bit, you would put the top fabric right side up but it shows up better this way.  The instructions say to slacken off the top tension a bit.

Then proceed to sew after first checking the needle goes through the hole OK before you put the material in.

Once sewn, carefully remove from the machine, don't pull at the threads in the material.

Fold the upper piece of material on itself along the line of the stitch do the same with the lower fabric. Then gently pull the two piece away from each other.  The threads in the middle look like a ladder.

Stitch down both sides as near to the fold as you can.

 You can also do a picot edging with this attachment but ran out of time to have a go.

Not sure what I will use this for, originally it will have been used to make napkins, tea tray covers and perhaps, fancy stitching in dressmaking.  It was fun to have a go with it.

Before playing nicely, I made a Christmas pressy.  

Take care everyone, be safe.  



  1. Wow, that is really clever! I can imagine perhaps using it to do a picot edge on something.

    Curious about your that a short loop at the front going over the long hanging one? Is it for storage purposes? Looks nice anyway.

  2. Singer attachments are so interesting, great fun.
    The bag is to hang on a hook perhaps on a back of a door or on a coathanger. Just to store stuff in. The long loop just tucks through the short one.