Monday, 9 November 2015

Vintage Mini Suitcase Makeover


Bought this cute little case at the Pickering War Weekend.  Wanted it to store my sewing projects in for when I sew on the move.

The lining paper was looking a bit tatty soooo

Got my Liberty fabric out and updated the inside.   Love it.

Covered a slim box with the same fabric and made an envelope style pocket to keep my vintage Singer scissors and tape measure in.

It was sold to me as an Evacuee case (not sure that it is) so made it a matching luggage label so it looked the part.

Can't wait to use it on Tuesday when I go to Sewing Circle.

Take care


  1. For some reason your first and last pics aren't showing but what I can see is brilliant! I shall now look out for old suitcases!

  2. ooh wow! I love that wee tiny suitcase! I'm a bit obsessed with Liberty of London. Well done

  3. Had sooo much fun with this, am keeping an eye out for another one. X

  4. Old leather and Liberty prints, just a perfect combination! Stunning job xx


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