Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Treasure - Silk Thread


Ooops, couldn't resist this vintage box of threads off Ebay!

If it had been full of Sylko reels of thread I would have been happy.

These are even better

Pure silk embroidery thread in a rainbow of colours

I have used this type of thread before, hording a couple of reels of it. It's lovely to sew with, doesn't knot up and glides through the material.

Not sure how old it is, going by the colours 30s or 40s?  I Googled Pervale and apparently it was a Mill in Greenford, Middlesex.  

I popped in a local charity shop last Friday and bought a tatty looking box which as usual I forgot to take a "before" photo.  Painted it with Laura Ashley eggshell and cut out a leaf design from the Laura Ashley paper that I have just used in my bedroom.  Also lined the bottom with the paper.

Take care



  1. Those threads are gorgeous, lucky find :-)

  2. Sharon, I'm completely jealous! :-)

    1. It was a fluke I got them, was half heartedly browsing put a search for vintage silk thread, bingo. It was the colours I couldn't resist. X

  3. Hi, I've just found your Blog, lovely! I see that you have an Essex MK2 sewing machine. I bought one recently but sadly it's missing parts so I'm on the hunt for one in working order. Do they come up for sale in the UK often? They're scarce here in Australia. I have the MK1 which I love. Love all of your "collections" ... you sound just like me. I have Singer 201K, 99K, Featherweight 222 plus two treadles not up and running as yet. I also collect the sewing gadgets and vintage boxes. It's lots of fun.

    1. Hello Helen, thank you for your kind comments re the blog. Lucky you with a 222. The Essex does come up on Ebay, I got mine from a local auction but they have closed down now. Here's a couple of useful info sites

      Good luck with your hunt for a working Essex. x

    2. Hi Helen, just spotted this on UK Ebay
      Hope you get this message
      Sharon x