Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Burt the Collie meets a pig


I had forgotten how lively a young border collie is!  Luckily, there is a field full of animals for Burt to watch.  He has stopped barking at his new friends.

Today, Pricilla the old pig came to the fence for apples, I was taking some unripe fruit off my tree to stop the branches snapping.  Burt couldn't believe his eyes, he wasn't sure what it was.

He is very keen on the sheep, think he is lying down so they can't see him!

Doesn't work, she knows he is there.

He is a terror when there are cats around, oh and bunnies.  When its dark he goes into mega hunt mode, running around the garden like a headless chicken, will have to try a few things to see how I can stop this, if I don't fix this, he will be a real pain when the nights draw in.  

He found a poorly hedgehog in the garden on Friday, to be fair to him, he only looked and didn't touch it.  I had to take it to the vets as the poor thing was having difficulty breathing, the vet had to put it to sleep.  

He also find moths in the house, he sniffs them out of their hiding places (last one was under the cooker), Buzz my old dog was great at finding animals, it looks like Burt is following in his pawsteps.

Apart from the small furries hunting mode, he is being quite good.  He is a very clever dog which is proving a challenge, if he doesn't want to do something, he refuses!  He was supposed to have a good recall, yeah right!  He just naffed off (he was in a secure field thank goodness) so I had to teach him to lie down, so now if he gets too far away from me, I can shout lie down and he will drop, phew.  That was last week's lesson, this week is a recall from the down,  He is getting the hang of it in the secure field, not sure if this will all work when there are other dogs around or bunnies! 

I keep have to remind myself we have only had him 3 weeks and we have had lots of success with him.

So for a dog from the Dogs Trust, he is doing OK (fingers crossed).


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