Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Horsing Around


Thought that I would show you why I am not getting as much quilting or gardening done as I should.

Meet my equine friends.

This is Jester, who I ride twice a week.  He is 14 years old and great fun to ride.  Definitely the boss of the other two and me if he can get away with it!  We have come to an understanding, I let him canter if he behaves himself.

Gloria, a 32 year old mare who in her day used to win rosettes when she was a show horse.  She is retired now and enjoys being out with her boyfriend Jester.  She is a tall horse who towers above me, a bit wild when running free but once put on a halter is as gentle as a lamb.

Finally, sweet little Lily who is cheeky thing.  I love her dearly, she's such fun.  She is still quite young but is so quick to learn.  She went for a walk with me down the lane today, she is good in traffic but the scary monsters in the hedge that I can't see but she can, make her spook a bit.  She will calm down the more I take her out.

I started riding again last September after over 10 years, at first it was a bit nerve racking as Jester was full of beans and I was very rusty but now I am back in the swing of things.  Its thrilling to ride a horse, I had forgotten the joy being around horses, nothing beats it.  They are my bolt hole when life is difficult.


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