Sunday, 8 June 2014

Quick Easy Makes - Zipped Pouch, Silica Gel Bags & Pin Cushions


Had a go at making a lined zipped pouch, the lovely Josie over at  kindly did a tutorial for one.  I used Laura Ashley fabric so it matches the sewing machine cover. Didn't do the applique on it as I was sewing instead of gardening and needed something quick as the grass needed cutting.

The outside fabric was quite a stiff fabric so I missed out the interfacing bit of the tutorial.  Only had one zip to choose from in my notions box so had to use that, it would have been better to use a different colour.

Going to use it to store fabric marker pens and my glue pens.

Made a couple of pretty hanging pouches which I have filled with Silica Gel. These are to go into my Singer Feather weight case and the Singer 201 case.  Silica Gel absorbs any moisture in the air, the Featherweight box gets a bit mouldy, its been like that since I bought it.  It needs to get out into the hot sun for a few days but our British summer is not playing ball.  The UV light kills the mouldy stuff (can't remember the proper technical terms).  NOTE:  When leaving your featherweight case outside to sunbathe, you must support the lid in case it falls over and smashes the locks which are impossible to replace.

I've hung the bag on the oil can clip in the Singer 201 case, this doesn't have any signs of mould but I thought it wouldn't harm having a silica bag in there as well, just in case.  I think the mould problem is mainly a Featherweight case problem.

Finally, a couple of super quick pin cushions, the large one is for a present.  I like the shape of these.  Was watching Create and Craft while having my breakfast and saw Debbie Shore making one.

It's been so nice to actually make something instead of fixing old Singers.


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