Monday, 2 June 2014

Restored Singer 128 Sewing Machine


Just realised that I haven't shown you the finished Singer 128.

Here she is, now in full working order.  Does a reasonable stitch with smooth hand crank.

Not sure if I will actually sew with this one but she is interesting.  She took a lot of time to clean up, the paintwork (Shellac) is in poor condition, the decals are in reasonable condition for the age (1933).  The case came up well, haven't got a key for it yet but hopefully soon.

Most of her attachments are there but there is a bit missing from the tuckmarker.  The Ruffler works well.

This is my last restoration as I have all the machines I need and have no room to store anymore.  I only bought this machine cos I was curious how the vibrating shuttle machine worked.  My grannie was a tailoress and had one of these machines that she used to lug on the bus to take to peoples houses to make clothes out of curtains and any bit of fabric they had during the war years.  I only remember her as a frail old lady of 91 but she must had muscles like a bodybuilder to carry this around!  It weighs a ton.



  1. Your last restoration? Can you really resist any beautiful machines which call your name......You have such a love for them and bring them back to life so fantastically well!

    1. I am going to have to be really firm with myself, they take so much time to sort out and once I start I have to finish, I am like a dog with a bone! My garden needs my attention but perhaps in the winter when the snow is on the ground and its someone else's machine! My cottage bulging at the seams.