Sunday, 1 June 2014

Singer Sewing Machine Tuckmarker (Simanco 25517)


My pal Sarah had a bag of Singer attachments which included this strange looking thing.

Had to work out what it was, its an early tuckmarker.  Sussed out how it went together but couldn't work out how to use it.

 Had a look on the net and found this link there it was with instructions that it was for a 27 and 28 machines only, that it screwed to the bed of the machine and the needle went through the little hook on the long bar.

Easy peasy, DOH.  I had a bit of a senior moment and still couldn't work out how it went. Tried all sorts of things but then, when you know how, its obvious.

It fits with a thumbscrew through the flat bit, unfortunately I don't have a screw that fits my machine so to find out out how it works, I stuck it onto the machine with masking tape to give it a try.  Here it is with a thumbscrew just sitting in the hole so that you can see how it goes.

The fabric goes between the 2 flat bars of the tuckmaker then under the foot to sew the tuck.  There are 2 gauges on the tuckmarker that determines the width of the tuck and how far apart they are.

When sewing, the presser bar  of the machine with the needle through the loop on the arm of the tuckmarker pushes the arm down which then pushes the end of the tuckmarker with the  round marker into the fabric and makes a mark in the fabric to show where the next tuck should go.

Easy when you know how.  Thought that I would do a blog about it so that if someone is wanting to know how to use it, it won't take most of the day to find out!  I am so easily distracted, my sewing machine hobby is supposed to be a winter project for when I can't work but isn't working out like that!

The decoration on the tuckmarker screams out Art Nouveau so it will be from the late 1890s early 1900s.


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